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The most common sizes in beaded-edge tyres and rims are mostly available from stock :


         24 x 2 1/4  -  26 x 2  -  26 x 2 1/2  -  26x3  -  28 x 3    


Due to delays in production, the supply of

Ensign beaded edge tyres is very limited.


If a tyre or rim is not in stock , in most cases we can supply it within a few days .              

In order to get you the correct rim or tyre , we need the size of the old one .                  

If this is not known , measuring the rims circumference or outer diameter is usualy enough .

Please measure the rim according to the drawings below :                                                   




                          The beaded edge tyres in stock are of the Ensign brand .                                                     

                     These have the same thread pattern as the well-known Dunlop tyres .                          



Most beaded-edge rims can be supplied in Westwood and C-pattern .



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