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Longuemare carburettor fitting.


This new-made Longuemare carburettor does NOT have a jet fitted.

Reason for this is that we do not know for what capacity engine it will be used.

A smaller capacity engine will need another jet than a larger engine.

So, some experimenting will be needed to find-out the correct jet size.

To make this experimenting a bit easier, the carburettor is threaded M6 x 1

to take an easily available AMAL jet as pictured below.



The final fitting also includes setting the correct floatlevel.

The theory behind floatlevels does not always work the same for every engine.

General setting is that the tip of the jet is just wet with fuel when the

floatneedle closes the flow of fuel to the floatchamber.

Again; some experimenting with this will still be needed.

The floatneedle is now only grooved for assembly of the carburettor.

This is NOT intended as being the correct floatlevel!


The two plastic parts used in the carburettor are petrol resistant.


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