Bert Pol Vintage Motorcycles


Information for ordering, payment and posting. 


In case you are interested in one of the items on this website, or wish to order it, please send us an e-mail with your questions.

We do our best to answer your e-mails with questions within 3 working-days.

Answers sometimes end-up in your "SPAM" box, please check this.

Please also let us know the address to where you want the parts to be sent.

Without this address we are unable to calculate the costs for packing and postage.

For postage we will, of course, use the best and cheapest option for the customer.


Due to the ( Brexit ) customs- and VAT  regulations,

shipping to and from the UK is on hold until these regulations are back to the pre-Brexit situation.

For small businesses like ours, the extra costs and paperwork is simply too much.

After all is workable again, shipping will be resumed.

Sorry for any trouble caused by this.


Size limit for posting to an address outside the EU is 50 x 50 x 100 cm.

Sadly this means that tyres and rims can not be posted to addresses outside the EU.

This can then only be transported as international cargo.


Since 2020 it is no longer possible to send goods in an envelope as a letter.

This means that even the smallest parts can only be sent as a parcel.


Because of privacy regulations we dot not keep addresses on file; please send address details with every order.

Please read our privacy statement.


Offers with price for parts from stock, packing and postage are valid for 1 week.

The parts in question wil be reserved for this period. After that, they will be available again for all customers.


Payment for parts is by banktransfer or by sending euro's in cash.

We prefer payment by banktransfer.

The second option for payment is always at senders risk! Please contact us first for this option!

For cash payments we do not accept banknotes of 200,- euro's and 500,- euro's anymore.

Payment with creditcard and / or cheques is not possible.

We also have a PayPal account, this is for non-EURO payments only. Please contact us first for this option!

The customer payes for the Paypal charge; 6%.

Incomplete or incorrect payments will be returned.

Possible costs for this are for the customer to pay.


Banks charge money for making transfers, please make sure these charges are payed for.

Without full payment, the parts remain the property of Bert Pol Vintage Motorcycles.

After receiving full payment, the parts will be posted as soon as possible.

Parts are mostly posted on Friday.


The price of new parts may change because of price changes of the materials used for production.

The prices mentioned on the website are the correct price for that moment.


Used parts cannot be returned and cannot be exchanged.

These parts will be described as accurate as possibe and are sold

as they are; including possible faults, both visible and unvisible.

Additional pictures and / or information of the parts can always be sent on request.


Parts ordered for the customer, as well as parts which are altered and / or modified on customer's order,

cannot be returned and cannot be exchanged.


Motorcycles are sold as offered, without any form of guarantee and

inclusive any possible imperfections; visible and / or invisible.

Motorcycles can only be payed for by bank,

cash payments for these is no longer possible.


 No sales to the USA and Canada:

since liability insurance cover for North America, (USA and Canada) was withdrawn by providers

of such insurance, supply of spares by Bert Pol Vintage Motorcycles to these countries is no longer available.

This action is very much regretted but in the absence of insurance, an accident identified as caused by,

or even considered as having been contributed to, by failure of a component supplied by

Bert Pol Vintage Motorcycles could lead to legal action which could bankrupt Bert Pol Vintage Motorcycles

in defence of such action even if negligence could not be proved.


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