Bert Pol Vintage Motorcycles


Bikes for sale :

Triumph model H 1918

Triumph model H 1918

Triumph model H 1918. Dutch registration, reliable machine, ready to ride.     15.750,- euro

Click here for video of first start after restauration.

Douglas 1912

Douglas 1912

Douglas 2 3/4 HP, 1912. Ready to ride, Dutch registration and Pioneer Certificate.

The carburettor is from ca. 1916 and is fitted for reason of reliability.

Already done many trouble-free rallies.      15.250,- euro.

Pioneer motorcycle, ca. 200cc. Make unknown, no markings found.

Sofar it looks a motorcycle that someone built in the very early years of motorcycling,

using ready-made components, available at that time.

Any suggestions about the make of the engine?? We don't know...


Complete, but needs finishing.              8250,- euro       or good offer.



More information and pictures of the bikes are available on request .


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