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Bikes for sale :

Triumph model H 1918

Triumph model H 1918

Triumph model H 1918. Dutch registration, reliable machine, ready to ride.     16.250,- euro

Click here for video of first start after restauration.

Douglas 1912

Douglas 1912

Douglas 2 3/4 HP, 1912. Ready to ride, Dutch registration and Pioneer Certificate.

The carburettor is from ca. 1916 and is fitted for reason of reliability.

Already done many trouble-free rallies.      15.750,- euro.

Pioneer motorcycle, ca. 200cc. Make unknown, no markings found.

Sofar it looks a motorcycle that someone built in the very early years of motorcycling,

using ready-made components, available at that time.

Any suggestions about the make of the engine?? We don't know...


Complete, but needs finishing.              8750,- euro       or good offer.

Triumph LS 1924

Triumph LS 1924

Triumph LS 1924, 350 cc unit engine. Very rare.           11.750,- euro

Not running because of wrong magneto. The rest is ready.       

For sale from my private collection because of lack of time and space.           


More information and pictures of the bikes are available on request .


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